Thursday, January 9, 2014

Scrappy Trip Around The World - Update

Scrappy Trip Around The World quilt top is finished and, it has been hanging over the railing for a few days now...I kind of like it there...It's nice to be able to glance at it when sitting in the living room. Even my husband like it there...I took it down yesterday to take a picture and, I put it back up there right away, it was like something was missing already...Maybe it would be a good place to display some of my quilts in the future... 

Mmmmm I like this one a lot!

Now the scary part...I need to chose a quilting design and a thread color...
I am thinking of something feathery...

Ohh! and I need to take it to the quilt shop to get in line for the quilting...



  1. It's beautiful, and it looks wonderful hanging on the railing! :0)

  2. Hello! I followed your link from Lily's Quilts, and I'm glad I did. The colours in your quilt top are beautiful. A fellow Canadian, Carole

  3. Your scrappy trip is GORGEOUS!! It looks beautiful on your railing! Wow! Great job!