Monday, March 17, 2014

"Fancy That" Update

 "Fancy That" turned out to be a bumpy ride after all...There were a few bumps along the way...I made some mistakes (didn't pay full attention to the instructions) but some were definitely the result of errors from the book's instructions (it happens sometimes), which lead me to buy more fabrics and undo a few stitches...and that really slowed me down. I had to walk away a few times...Wrrrggrrrrr...But it's all good now...

Despite all that, I love that quilt and I really, really enjoyed making this one. I loved all the different steps of the making of the quilt. The pattern is fabulous and I love the colors and fabric choice that Sarah put together for this one, it's so peaceful, it's perfect for my bedroom. I couldn't imagine making this quilt with a different fabric/color selection. As a starting point, I chose to use the same fabric collection as Sarah did but add some of  my own...And I didn't go for the linen background, I used instead Michael Miller's Cotton Couture (Love, love Cotton Couture).

Here it is on the ironing board for a final press and final cleaning...

{Thank God the pink carpet is going soon...I am getting a new floor in my sewing room.:)}

I am currently auditioning fabrics for the backing, I am kind of stuck right now, got any idea?

This beautiful pattern is from Sarah Fielke's book; Hand Quilted With Love. It's a great books (like all of her books). *I strongly suggest that you check the book errata section on her website for any errors updates if you intend to make this quilt.

I am so glad this one is done! Well, I mean almost done...It still needs to be quilted, I can't wait for this one. :)  To be continued...



  1. It looks beautiful Mary, such a lot of piecing. It can be so frustrating when things don't go how they should, can't it? I had to do some unpicking today... misinterpreted the instructions slightly :(

  2. Wow, I'm impressed. It looks beautiful.I have that book. Thank you for tip on the erratas!