Saturday, April 12, 2014

2014 Finish-A-Long Q-2 List

The second quarter have already begun...Doesn't time fly?
Last quarter I had five things on my list and I managed to finished three (almost four)...
So I'd like to keep my list light...
I would be really pleased if all gets completed and, if not, it's all right too...

There are four projects listed for the second quarter.

1. "Fancy That"
The top is finished and needs to be quilted and bound. It should be an easy finish...:)

2. "Fat cross" 
Same here, the top is completed and needs to be quilted and bound.

3. "Super Stars"

4. "Ups and Downs"
A quilt for him...Lately, I have been looking for a pattern that would not be too feminine and would be suited for a man and I think Ups and Downs is perfect for this project.
I am using most of Parson Gray's (very manly fabrics)  for this project.

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for the Finish-A-Long Q2

Let's get to work!

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