Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wip Wednesday

This week I am working on a "Fat Cross" quilt, I quickly post about it here last week.

I am having a new floor installed in my sewing room and my understanding was that they were supposed to install it tomorrow, so I was up there early this morning trying to finish to put this one together when the guys called and told me they would be here in 40 min...Let's say things started to move very fast around here this morning...

I took these two photos before I take everything down so I don't get things mixed up here...The purpose of these pictures was to help me remember where every piece go so I can put it back together without too much trouble, it was not intend for a post...(I know it's not very good, kinda blurry). But since I can't sew for now, I got on the computer and came across Lee's blog and here I am... 

Half way done...

Here is a peek at the new floor...
See "the won't be missing" pink carpet on the right? 

Guess what I will be doing tonight?

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  1. Your cross quilt is lovely, a nice, bright scrappy quilt.
    The flooring looks great, I think I prefer the pink carpet though.. lol.. just kidding, the new flooring looks lovely.

  2. I love this cross block. I made a quilt with it for a friend and they were so much fun to make. Love your floor too!

  3. I love your cross quilt! And your floor looks beautiful. it will be worth the work!

  4. Wow, what gorgeous pluses/crosses! Stunning!

  5. Fun quilt and even more fun with the new floors! I have come to detest carpet after many spitty babies and now on my fifth kid I've learned wood is the way to go for me.