Thursday, May 1, 2014

A taste of Florida for Random Thursday

Sewing has been in a slow motion lately...
I thought to give "Random Thursday" a try this week...
Hope I did good following the rules...:) 

One of the thing I enjoy doing is taking pictures, 
Not on a regular basis but more likely on an "off and on" basis...Mostly nature.

Before I left FL, I went to a bird rookery with my mother in law (she will be 90 years old this month and she loves photography) and took some pictures and, we got there early hoping to get some decent shots.
It's mating season right now and the alligators were acting up and turned out to be more interesting than the birds itself...

In the next photo, you can see an American alligator roaring; 
The males roar to attract females and to ward off other males.

And some birds at last...

Hope you enjoyed...

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  1. Beautiful bird pictures! And how interesting to see alligators during mating season.

  2. I'm so close in GA but we do not see such beautiful birds. Just the run of the mill type up here. Pretty but not amazing. We do have a few alligators lurking about. My boys were on the Augusta rowing team in high school and they saw them regularly in the Savannah River.

  3. Beautiful photos. I have wanted to make a Heron/Egret quilt for a long time. Gorgeous birds.