Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Second Entry - Modern Fat Cross

For my second entry at the Blogger's Quilt Festival, I am entering my Modern Fat Cross Quilt into the Large Quilts Category

It's my first time participating in the Blogger's Quilt Festival and if it was easy to decide for my first entry, it wasn't that much for my second entry. So after some thought ...I decided on this one.

The fabric I used for the crosses are mostly from my favorite designers; Anna Maria Horner, Denyse Schmidt and Kaffe Fassett (spots and shot cotton). This fabric pull represents well my preferences for fabrics and colors. 

If you are interested to see the progression of this quilt, you can read about it herehere and here.

I chose Deb's Feathers as for quilting design, my ultimate favorite at the moment. The quilting was done with a light variegated thread.

Quilt {DATA}

Modern Fat Cross

The finished size is 66 inches x 76 inches
For the crosses, I used different prints from Denyse Schmidt, Anna Maria Horner and Kaffe Fassett.
And a mix of low volume fabrics for the background.
Binding: Denyse Schmidt - Eyelet in Grey
Backing: Britten Nummer (IKEA)
Quilting: Edge to edge - Deb's Feathers - By A Quilter's Dream Newport VT
 Thread: Aurifil Longarm Polyester Variegated 40wt Thread in Seashell
Pattern: I couldn't find a pattern that I like so I ended up making my own.

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  1. I love this, Maryse - the combination of the colourful fat crosses and lv background is great.

  2. Great fabric and pattern - love how the fabric shines in big blocks :)

  3. Hi Maryse! I'm happy to see this quilt - I love the pattern and your Fabrics! x Teje

  4. I so love this quilt Maryse. That third photo - oh and the others - such yummy fabrics and combinations.

  5. Beautiful quilt. I love the fabrics you've used for the crosses but also the interesting contrast fabrics. X

  6. Good luck with this beauty! It is my favorite quilt so far! I cannot find this pattern, and I love the fat you have a pattern?

  7. I am glad that you entered this quilt--I followed it along when you made it, and I really love it! I can see fabrics from my own stash in it, lol!!

  8. Fabulous! Such a great pattern to showcase favourite fabrics.

  9. LOVE the low volume background especially.:)

  10. I made a baby quilt version of this pattern recently. I love yours!

  11. This is another great quilt Maryse! While the crosses take center stage, it is that fantastic mix of low volume fabrics that especially appeal to me.

  12. I also would like to known if you used a specific pattern. Love your quilt

  13. The neutral background fabrics are awesome. Your large loopy feather quilting is beautiful and so romantic.