Monday, July 28, 2014

The Flowering Snowball that almost never was...

After hand stitching quite intensively, my thumbs were very much in need of a break, I am making good progress on my AMH Honeycomb of the quilt to go. :)

Back to the sewing machine...Quilt for a little girl.

It all started with the Flowering Snowball-Along...Despite being one of the first to raised my hand high when Mary at {Molly Flander Makerie} announced the sew-along...Somewhere along the way, I changed my mind...Until a couple days ago...I was looking at all the beautiful Flowering Snowball that has been made so far on Flickr and decided to give this one another chance...I am glad I did.

So it went from this:

To this:
At that point, I had a second thought about sewing curves...

Then to this:
Scrappy looking...

Then back to this:
Sewing curves gets a lot easier with practice and I kind of like it now. :)

Talk about someone that can't make up her mind...:) 
I have two nieces that I am also their godmother and planned on making each of them a quilt, so it looks like one will be having a Flowering Snowball and the other one might get a star quilt...

Hope you are having a nice summer!

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Yes, my Flowering Snowball was featured at Quilt Story 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

AMH Honeycomb Quilt {Progress}

I previously mentioned regarding this quilt that I was thinking to hand quilt this one... 
Some of you might think that it would take forever...Maybe not.:)

I am doing straight lines like this.
I found this on Flickr Pinterest by ruthdesigns. I love the simplicity of it.

First thing first, making the quilt sandwich...

After looking at different threads, I decided to go with a Valdani Pearl Cotton no.8
Variegated in Black Night. Bought it from Three Sheep Studio on Etsy...

I am doing this on my kitchen table (using a cutting mat to protect my table). That's what works best for me considering it is a big quilt. I just slide the quilt on the table as I go. 
I don't use a hoop, It's easier on my arms this way. I started a few days ago and I already have third of the quilt done...I couldn't be more pleased.:)

This gives a good idea of the final look.

Back to work now...:)

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Monday, July 14, 2014

2014 FAL Q-3 Checklist

Here we are...At the beginning of the third quarter...
I'm in again for the FAL 2014 at the The Littlest Thistle
Here is my list for the Q-3
Short and sweet.:)

Number 1:  The Man Quilt

Number 2:  AMH Honeycomb Quilt

Number 3:  Another Star Quilt
This one is still at an early stage...there is more cutting and more sewing to do...:)

Fortunately I don't have many unfinished projects...It would drive me crazy...
That is all on my list for this quarter...I have to save room for new projects...Right?

Best, Maryse

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Modern Fat Cross {Finished}

The 2014 FAL Q-2 deadline is approaching very quickly (1 day left)... So here is another finish...
Originally named "Fat Cross" but has been renamed "Modern Fat Cross"

Look at all these beautiful colors!

An array of colorful crosses against a low volume background.

I didn't find a pattern I liked and ended up making my own, I wanted the crosses to dominate and not the background. Every piece were chosen and placed one at a time using the design wall.

It was mistakenly quilted with the same variegated thread used with "Fancy That" instead of the ivory thread requested...However, I think it turned out great,  I couldn't love it more so, let's call this one a very happy accident.:) 

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This one will be gifted to a special someone and, will be heading to a new home sometime next week where, I am sure it will be love an cherished.:)
I feel a bit sad to see this one go, but I am glad that I have plenty of pictures to look at...

Quilt {DATA}

Name: Modern Fat Cross
Size: Lap Size  66 x 76 inches
Fabrics (crosses): Too many to enumerate...from my all time favorite Fabric Designers. 
Fabrics (background): A mix of low volume I have been collecting.
Binding: Denyse Schmidt-Eyelet in Grey
Backing: Britten Nummer 
Quilting: Edge to edge - Deb's Feathers - A Quilter's Dream Newport VT.
Thread: Aurifil Longarm Polyester Variegated 40wt Thread in Seashell
Pattern: My own.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fancy That {Finished}

Fancy That finally made it back home last week, it's bound, washed and it's now laying on my bed...Don't you love sleeping under layers of quilts? It reminds me of my childhood.

It's a large queen size quilt. 93 inches square.

Beautiful colors! Love Gypsy Caravan by Amy Butler.

Sometimes I have a difficult time to chose the thread color for the quilting, I finally decided on a
 variegated thread in Seashell. I do not like it much. I wish now that I would have chosen a charcoal thread, slightly lighter than the background. But as you can see, it's not as much noticeable inside.
I think I can live with it...:)

I have some regret on the quilt backing, now I wish I had chosen Wild Poppy in Milk...:(

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Quilt {STAT}

Name: Fancy That
Size: 93  Inches Square
Fabrics: Amy Butler-Gypsy Caravan, Cotton Couture in Charcoal- Michael Miller and some other prints from my stash.
Binding: Cotton-Couture in Charcoal by Michael Miller
Backing: Amy Butler-Wild Poppy in Linen
Quilting: Edge to edge - Poppy Field - A Quilter's Dream Newport VT
Thread: Aurifil Longarm Polyester Variegated 40wt Thread Seashell #5505
Pattern:  From Hand Quilted With Love by Sarah Fielke

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