Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 - Finish Along Q-2

We are at the beginning of the second quarter and It's the time for us doing the FAL to post our proposed list of finishes for the 2015-FAL-Q2.  Let's hope I do better this quarter than during the first one ...
Q-1 was a failure, I worked on different projects but I just didn't finish any of them. "No big deal."

Here is my list for the Q-2:

1 - Granny Square {my way}
It's unfortunate because this one was so close to being completed.  
I am hand stitching the binding at the moment and still have to do some big stitch around a few granny square and it's done. 

2 - Six pointed Star Quilt
 The top is done and has been sitting there for a while. The place where I usually send my quilts here in FL offers only a limited selection of quilting designs and I didn't see anything that trip my trigger ... Looking for a more modern design. I have been learning FMQ on my machine (not very good) and also on a rented longarm which I prefer and do better ... But I don't feel ready to tackle a project like this yet.

3 - The Clamshell
My dear Clamshell, I haven't decided on the backing yet, I've got the thread and should start the hand quilting soon. This quilt is probably the reason I haven't finished anything during the first quarter ... I can't wait to start hand stitching this one.

4 - The Swoon
This is my latest project, the plan was to use the fabrics I had left from Fancy That. I originally bought a fat quarter bundle of Gypsy Caravan and not too long after bought 3$ half yards cuts from an online store that was closing their door. So plenty enough to make another quilt and might have enough for some pillows too. 

That's it for this quarter, let's keep it real this time and keep rooms for new projects ... they always seem to appear. :-)

 To all FAL participants, good luck with your finishes!
Best, Maryse

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  1. Such beautiful projects. Have fun sewing this quarter.

  2. Wow, they are all lovely! Have fun with whichever you decide to work on first :)

  3. I love the red quilt and hope you can finish it this quarter. I'm still debating what to put on my list - like you I've got at least 5 things started, but can I finish any of them this quarter? I don't know.

  4. All absolutely beautiful, I can't chose between them!

  5. Good luck with your finishes Maryse. I know the dilemma with not quite liking the professional patterns but not feeling up to the challenge yourself. Maybe one day.

  6. That clam shell top is GORGEOUS! I'll look for it among the FAL finishes!

  7. Good luck with your goals. You have some lovely projects there.

  8. Love all of these but the clamshell is probably my favourite!

  9. gorgeous work! I really love the stars and those clamshells! What a lot of work! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  10. Every single one of those projects is simply gorgeous Maryse - I get happy just looking at them. All your hand sewing is going to be beautiful and well worth the extra time it takes to do.