Saturday, April 16, 2016

2016 Finish Along Q2

I didn't finish any projects this last quarter, so my list is a bit shorter this time around. With the move, there wasn't enough time for sewing/quilting. With hope, I'll do better this next quarter. Without further delay, here's my list for the next quarter:

1: AMH Dresden Plate
I am about half way through with the quilting. It looks like it's going to be my first completed project this year!

2: Scrappy Hexagon Quilt 
I made progress; the top is finished. I am auditioning fabrics for the backing, and I'll start the quilting as soon as I'm done with no 1.

3: A Baby Quilt
Soon there will be a new addition to the family and, I want to make a baby quilt using these fabrics by Lecien. Something quick ... A Nine Patch.

4: Scrappy Courthouse Steps
A project I started during the move while sorting scraps and fabrics. What began as a small project evolved quickly to a bigger one, 34 blocks to go.

That's it for now, more projects are waiting to be finished but, these are the ones I will be focussing on during the next quarter.

Linking-up to the 2016 FAL Team


  1. Love the log cabin quilt. They're all great, but I really like the colours in the log cabin. Good job choosing fabrics! And good luck with the move.

  2. I love all of your projects, especially the dresden plate. Can't wait to see it finished!!!

  3. Good luck with your projects and thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts!

  4. Fantastic projects Maryse! I enjoy watching your beautiful quilt works while I don't have a minute to sew at the moment. x Teje

  5. Moving does take a lot out of you and your quilting time. Have fun working on your beautiful projects this quarter.

  6. Love all your projects, especially the scrappy hexi one! Good luck with moving them further all along the list!

  7. Your work pace is steady and mindful Maryse with a great long term view. I really like your AMH Dresdens and your scrappy courthouse steps quilt.

  8. Love the dresden and hexagons too, these are both my favourite things to sew. x

  9. Those are all beautiful heirloom quilts therefore well worth every meaningful stitch that you make in them. Enjoy the process.

  10. Fabulous projects! I love your AMH Dresden so much it prompted me to buy the loominous bundle!

  11. You have a wonderful gift for combining fabrics in a way that leaves me Oohing and Ahhing Maryse! Each one of these quilts is so gorgeous!
    Happy news about a new family member? And perhaps some happy news for your April event too?