Sunday, July 10, 2016

2016 FAL Q3 - The list

I was thinking of a modest list this quarter; two projects only as I thought it would be plenty for the months to come, but I came back and add another one ... So here we go!

1. Scrappy Hexagon Quilt
Today, I started the hand quilting so if everything goes well there should be a finish in a few weeks!!

2. Christmas Quilt à la Victoria
I wish it were done already; it was on my design wall for a little while, I had to take it down when we moved but I also needed a break from this one. I am about ready to tackle this one. I have a vision of this quilt hanging on my wall at Christmas.
From Double Wedding Rings-Traditions Made Modern by Victoria Findlay Wolfe; I felt in love with her quilt!!

3. Trip Around the World
This is the second time I will be making a Trip Around the World; I've been wanted to make another one ever since I finished the first one. This Honor Roll Bundle by AMH will be the starting point for this quilt; I discarded a couple of prints and will be adding more fabrics to this mix. I'm looking forward to starting this one. It's a special project and dear to my heart!!

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  1. All your projects will be lovely. You have such a great color sense. What book are you using for your Trip Around the World pattern?

    1. Thank you!! It's from the book Feathering the Nest 2 by Brigitte Giblin, but there are also many tutorials available online. It's a fun quilt to make; good luck!!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your finishes Maryse, I always love your work.

  3. Beautiful work as always... looking forward to seeing how you quilt the hexies quilt...😀 x

  4. So much beauty even in these still to be finished projects. I found you via your Scrappy Hexagon quilt, so I'll be especially delighted to see that one, and curious how you decide to quilt it. Good luck!

  5. How many hexis did you make for that quilt? Very impressed with your VFW Christmas Quilt, I have that book and haven't made a thing from it yet.