Thursday, October 20, 2016

Scrappy Hexagon Quilt :: Finished

It always feels good to finish a project, but this one, this one, in particular, felt great! It was the oldest unfinished project I had laying around the house, it took eight years to bring to completion. It was put aside a few times as you can imagine. I still can't believe it's finished.

This quilt has traveled quite much over the recent years; it kept my hands busy on many road trips, many getaways. I can't think of a better take-along project, everything I needed fit in a small plastic bin. This quilt is far to be perfect; there wasn't much on the subject when I started, so I learned as I went. I made a few mistakes in the beginning which I choose to embrace.
Maybe I was hopping they would disappear in the magic wash ... :-)) 
You can read more about it HERE.


The pictures above were taken at Fort Christmas Historical Park in FL.

Here's to another favorite; the texture is incredible, she is very soft and comfy!

Some quilt stats:

Name: ??
Size: 57 x 76
Pattern: One inch hexagon paper templates printed online; 1 333 total.
Fabrics: Just a mix of scraps and fabric from my stash; mostly Kaffe Fassett's fabrics.
Backing: Chard Leafy Green by Kaffe Fassett
Border: Kaffe Fassett Marquee in Husky and Bright
Batting: Quilters Dream Cotton
Quilting Thread: Size 12 Valdani Perle Cotton in Turkey Red
Binding: Marquee by Kaffe Fassett in Husky
Finished: October 7 2016

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  1. that's great!! I just started to put some of my scraps together for a very scrappy one also - mine are 1/2 inch - just started so I only have about 7 or so "flowers" and then I will be joining them together in anyway they fall. I have another hexagon quilt that is actually following a pattern but this 1/2 inch one will be very scrappy like yours. Great job and you are right so easy to take along with you in a small container

  2. All I can say is wow! This is amazing!

  3. That texture is sublime. Love your backing fabric too. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  4. Beautiful! Your choice of border fabric and the quilting make it :)

  5. 8 ans, c'est incroyable. C'est magnifique. J'adore l'effet de ta bordure rayée. Et j'adoooore la couleur du fil rouge utilisé pour le piquage. Et tu as compté les morceaux, stupéfiant !

  6. Can't tell you often enough how great this quilt is!!

  7. Such a wonderful quilt. I especially like the border, it is unexpected to mix stripes and hexagons but it totally works. Did you use a Baptist fan pattern for the quilting?

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! Regarding the quilting, it's not a Baptist Fan pattern; they are concentric circles I drew with a compass and blue washable marker, then hand quilt them.

  8. This is an incredible quilt finish! It's gorgeous and the border really frames the hexies well. Congrats!

  9. Maryse! this is absolutely beautiful! You have so much to be proud of here! I love the colors and everything about this quilt. Your pictures are pretty awesome too.

  10. This is absolutely fabulous! Thanks for sharing and inspiring all of us! :-)

  11. There is something charming and unexpected about this hexagon quilt - a mix of old fashion and bright modern together. To be honest I didn't like the stripy border when you first showed it at the beginning of the year but now I see how it works, along with the Turkey Red hand quilting. The natural, neutral backgrounds of Fort Christmas Historical Park make a brilliant setting for your photos, highlighting that old fashioned charm.

  12. What a beautiful finish. It is one I wish I could study and feel in person. Your photographs of the quilt are truly stunning and show it off so well. Congratulations on an amazing finish. Sometimes I think the longer it takes to finish something, the more satisfying the finish.

  13. This. is. fabulous! I've been working on an EPP project (off and on - more off ;-) for about 2 years now, so I can totally appreciate all of the work that went into this. Spectacular!!
    ~ Tracy

  14. Gorgeous quilt and gorgeous photos!

  15. Wowsers! Congrats, its gorgeous! I love your colour palette in this one too!

  16. What a wonderful quilt!! I love how colourful and scrappy it is and the border stripes are so perfect. Beautiful hand quilting too.

  17. This is perfect inspiration for me at the moment... guess what I've got on my list for a finished top this year! I started mine a few years ago too, also with lots of Kaffe fabrics, on a black background. I still need a border and yours is just so wonderful, really imaginative and inspired. And you're right, hexies are just the most wonderful portable project I think there is. Great idea for the quilting too Maryse, I hope you've been getting some use from it over the winter months :)